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TSF has since inception been at the forefront of cutting edge textile design, staying ahead of international trends through Tessa’s regular visits to international exhibitions and scouting the world for inspiration. We are brand spanking new, offer unbelievable service and are proud of our Children's Furniture company and products we offer!

Smoozy Children's Furniture believes in uncompromising quality and, more importantly, customer service.

We are able to customise most of the concepts on these page to suit individual client requirements, this fact precludes us from holding stock though.

We design and manufacture directly from our factory in Honeydew, clients are most welcome to visit us to discuss their individual requirements by appointment - African Furniture Merchants is a Pretoria based store that specialises in indoor and patio furniture.

Customers are our greatest champions, staff our greatest assets and we believe wholeheartedly in our mission to shake up the furniture and décor market to bring it to life and disrupt the status quo.

The attractive modern Lumiart lighting lamp collection is perfect for upscale residential projects, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, etc.

With the focus on what is right for you, our sp [...] Full Range of Bedroom Furniture: Mattresses, Couches, Headboards, Pillows, Pedestals, Wingbacks, Tub Chairs and Sleeper Couches available.

Cougar Imports was established in 2013 when two friends decided to create a new business to import hand-made glass ornamentation and unique decorative pieces from Europe and other international destinations.It came to our attention that most local furniture retail stores sell low budget and/or poor quality imported furniture at ridiculously high prices.At Wood Burn Furniture every piece of furniture is made at our local factory, no subcontractors no imports.We have since perfected this craft to become the leading brand of custom made rugs and carpets in South Africa.A Husky design is the perfect way to create a lasting impression, be it in the home or in the corporate environment.

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