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Many biologists, however, suspect a genetic link exists between the Eastern coyote and Canadian gray wolves.As open country and farmlands created wildlife corridors, the Western coyote apparently traveled north and east until it met up with its kissing cousin.Some coyotes in northern New Jersey have killed sheep, poultry, and the occasional pet.However, this only puts them in league with bear, bobcats, dogs, great horned owls and many cars.

They eat Canada Geese eggs, and are among the few predators left in the state that hunt and consume deer.

Of the vocal group that has staked a claim along Lamington Road, he says only "they've been behaving themselves. They're not causing any problem, like bothering livestock or chasing pets or people." He pauses. In the spring, when they've denned up, coyotes will protect their territory.

They might cede part of their range ­ a yard ­ to a large dog, but small dogs run the risk of being attacked.

If the theory proves accurate, the Eastern coyote sprang from a truly dysfunctional relationship.

When it wasn't busy toying with the coyote gene pool, the gray wolf competed with and preyed on the coyote. When habitat loss and development pressure decimated the gray wolf population, coyotes found a whole new world to exploit. It loves blueberries and raspberries, but above all it loves ample food, and people provide regular windfalls.

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And yet many New Jerseyeans (like that cute neighbor) seem clueless to the coyotes' interest. Busiest during nighttime and the edge of the day, when they are less likely to meet humans face to face, coyotes work farmlands, picnic spots and backyards.