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Being a strict disciplinarian he took this as an opportunity to line up all 3 girls in turn, bare their bottoms and give then a dose of good old fashion discipline with his hand and long rattan cane that was normally only reserved for his girlfriends plump bare bottom when she stepped out of line!This domestic discipline movie featuring no less than 3 stunning naked girls who are in turn caned (his girlfriend) without doubt took the hardest caning across her bare backside - is out now for viewing and download from the ever growing Spanking Digital members only area!The girls were sent to bed early but they had sneaked downstairs to watch the big TV in the house only they are caught by a rather annoyed Michael who decides to spank then together right there on the sofa cheek to cheek.Perhaps this humiliating punishment will remind the girls they should be in bed sleeping rather than wasting their time watching silly programs on the tv!When both girls were bared and after the inspection a long talk of the most Candid nature took place.It was then decided that yet another Spanking was needed (as if either Jodie or Hanne had not already been through enough earlier on in the day) And so it was decreed that over the knee both minxes would go for a long hard bare bottom spanking!Well we have a way of teaching such young ladies how to act properly.Hopefully a hand spanking and caning will correct her behavior.

When he walked in catching his girlfriend and 2 of her friends lounging around getting pissed he was far from happy!

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Since Miss Simpson does not take lightly to stealing she decides a stiff thrashing would be in order.

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Photographer Sean has hired both girls for a Bikini Fashion Shoot. They have however forgotten to mention to Sean they did a spanking shoot the day before! The shoot is ruined so Sean decides that if they like spanking so much that they can both be given one by him. Mum has had a call from the school to tell her that if this continues then she will be taken to court and given a fine.