Dating she is not right for me

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Dating she is not right for me

How is that Geeky guys make this mistake all the time; they internalize the idea that being geeky or having geeky interests makes them undatable and end up fetishizing Geek Girls as someone who legitimizes them for geeks.

Other guys – especially ones who’ve had conflicts with previous girlfriends over their interests and hobbies – may focus just as quickly on sports or twee indie shoegaze bands or craft beers or what-have-you.

Clearly the problem was that she didn’t like the same things I did; find someone who does and boom: problem solved and it’s blowjobs and champagne for everybody.

Each person has room to grow as an individual, and their partner understands this will enhance the relationship. To pay attention to your own feelings and authentic inner voice and give them credence.

List the qualities and characteristics you most want in a partner, and how you want to feel.

Keep focused on what you want and let this guide your actions.

Develop a deep awareness of and appreciation of your own feedback mechanism to guide you through any situation and relationship. It’s your true voice and will lead you in the right direction.

When you feel a sense of inner calm, excitement, joy or satisfaction, you will know your authentic voice is at play. The other voices inside your head – your committee of saboteurs – wreak havoc on you, causing you to feel tired, worried, stressed, and fearful.

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Can she understand your love of tabletop RPGs and painting miniatures even if she doesn’t grok it herself?

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