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She also traveled extensively through Latin America and Central Europe, and twice she traveled across the US by car.

Not limiting herself to one art form, she played the accordion, wrote poetry and prose in her native Portuguese, sang 17th century Renaissance music, acted in plays and musicals, and performed the leading voice of many Brazilian films and commercials. In the last fifteen years, her artistic career has bifurcated into critical writing and curating.

He enjoys biography, personal essays, and reportage, but vivid and tempestuous memoirs are at the top of his reading list.

His personal experiences have inspired his writing.Humera’s work has appeared, amongst other publications, in Pakistan’s news weekly, The Friday Times, The New York Times, Granta, The Journal of Postcolonial Studies and in the anthologies, Leaving Home (Oxford University, 2001), 110 Stories.New York Writes After September 11 (NYU Press 2002) and in And the World Changed (The Feminist Press, 2008).Aside from looking for Flaubert’s perfect sentence, he never grows tired of shaking his fists at his favorite, overpriced coffee: the tell-tale signs of a real caffeine addict.Ashna Ali is a doctoral student in the Comparative Literature department at CUNY Graduate Center, a teacher, and a poet.

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Denise Carvalho, born in Rio de Janeiro, began her career as a painter, moving to New York via Toronto in the mid 1980s.