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For similar reasons to those given by schools and the state, parents may be opposed to older persons being allowed to attend prom night.Therefore, if you bring an older date to prom, assuming that the school doesn’t have an age limit restriction or you found a way to flout the rules, you might be doing so without your parents’ consent.But, if you really think about it the school administration may have good reasons for imposing this age limit.To begin with, these restrictions are often set to prevent the students from engaging in risky behavior.Its true that a number of schools are now imposing certain restrictions on prom night.These restrictions can range from the type of dress you are wearing to age limits for your prom date.For example if your older date has a tendency to get up to no good, they could persuade you to engage in less than appropriate behavior!Because they are at an age where they are allowed to purchase alcohol, you may find that alcohol becomes a prominent part of your prom night and you really don’t need to be told the dangers of drinking and driving among other problems that alcohol can give rise to.

So, I'm proposing this "8-year rule" in dating as an absolute.A person who is over 21 years of age has the ability to purchase alcohol which can be introduced to the dance and has been known to result in disruption of the evening.So, really the school’s administration has your best interest at heart when they limit the prom going age to under 21.Aside from the legal and administrative reasons why an older prom date may be restricted, it may not be prudent to have a prom date who is significantly older than you.First of all, they may not feel at home at your prom night for the simple reason that they don’t go to your school or it was a very long time since they had a taste of the high school experience.

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A handy feature of the date rules is that it’s possible to use relative values for dynamic ranges.

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