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Adult dating north hampton ohio

The area also featured a couple of open fields which in other years might have been great, but with this year’s mast deer just weren’t in the fields.

The other drawback to the Fayette County location was the distance it took to drive there.

My dad’s farm is about 50 acres and surrounded by other farms–but very little farming is happening there any more.

The old pastures and meadows are now starting to grow up with cedars and brush.

Cattle were grazing, row crops were growing, and everything was neatly trimmed.

On the other hand it’s starting to offer some good cover for deer. When I was growing up there, the sight of a deer track was worth a mention as a conversation subject at dinner.

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The landowner, who had graciously allowed us to use the acreage as if it were our own, decided to allow their family members to hunt there.

It looks sad when you consider how it looked when I was a kid.

My dad and his neighbors were adamant about keeping the place looking clean.

He ran off into the woods–but wasn’t hard to locate and as I was field dressing the deer it occurred to me, it was the first time ever I had killed a deer on the farm.

My brother and my dad have killed them there in recent years, but I had never had much luck.

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